Need Property or Portfolio Management?

 We are devoted to offering superior, transparent property management and real estate portfolio management services for owners who are looking to receive unsurpassed, effortless care and upkeep of their real estate assets. Our strategic market price assessments, dependable tenant procurement process, and impeccable preventive maintenance plans are specifically designed to optimize owner profits and eliminate a variety of time consuming stresses that can typically accompany rental property ownership.

By serving as a professional liaison between owners and tenants, we strive to improve the lines of communication, minimize turnover and vacancy rates, and increase the chances for renewed or extended lease agreements.
We understand the need for reputable tenants, so we have specifically created a stringent tenant procurement process which includes background and credit checks, employment and income verification, tenant history assessment, and reference checks – all vital elements that ensure only the most qualified tenants will be approved for your property.

Lime Rock Realty LLC’s management services include, but are not limited to:

– Property assessment including current comparative market analysis, estimation of appropriate monthly rental rate, and return on investment calculations
– Secure, pre-scheduled showings
– Thorough walk-through inspections prior to move-ins
– Collection and distribution of monthly rent and additional, applicable fees
– Monthly, detailed owner reports that include itemized income and expenses
– Regularly scheduled, full property inspections
– Trustworthy suggestions for preventative maintenance and facilitation of necessary repair work
– Detailed move-out inspection
– Oversee property refreshment between tenants
– 24-hour, on call assistance in the event of an emergency
– Prompt and accountable contractual repair work from Lime Rock Realty LLC’s list of reputable and dependable service providers. Detailed inspections prior to and following repairs.
– Preparation of year-end 1099 income property tax forms

Supplementary services such as eviction proceedings, tenant procurement, and bid acquisitions for major unoccupied renovations or repairs are also available with fee.

All residential leases are prepared using documents approved by the North Carolina Association of Realtors and the North Carolina Bar Association. Contingencies and property specific addendums may be added as necessary.
For more detailed information about Lime Rock Realty LLC’s experienced property management services, give us a call, email, or text today.