Leasing Your Property?

Income properties can be one of the most profitable forms of investment that exists, providing consistent monthly paychecks in addition to the outright equity. However, finding the right tenants can often be challenging. Here at Lime Rock Realty LLC, we understand just how vital highly qualified renters are to optimizing the potential of any investment home or office building.

If you are interested in leasing your residential or commercial real estate, Lime Rock Realty LLC can provide a comprehensive analysis based on current market trends and activity. With this information we can establish an acceptable lease rate and explore the most efficient ways to get your property occupied quickly. We offer cutting edge, professional video and photography to enhance the appearance of your listing and stand out from the crowd.
In order to further protect and enhance your investments, we have developed a specific tenant procurement strategy which ensures that only reputable, dependable tenants are approved for your home. Along with extensive background and credit checks, we will conduct a thorough income verification as well as contact references to substantiate tenant approval.

Lime Rock Realty LLC uses lease documents and forms that have been approved by the North Carolina Association of Realtors as well as the North Carolina Bar Association. Specific contingencies and addendums may be added to best suit owners and their individual needs.

Avoid the hassle and unwanted costs of unreliable renters, and allow the professionals at Lime Rock Realty LLC to find dependable tenants for your home or office building today. Give us a call, email, or text if you would like more information about our leasing services.