Listing Prep: 5 Simple Strategies That Make a Significant Impact

When listing your home for sale and preparing your space for regular showings, it’s important to create a warm and welcoming space that is both inviting and polished. In order to maximize the potential of your property, pay close attention to those finishing details that can truly take your home to the next level.

Clean it up! Perhaps the most essential detail of a show ready home is cleanliness. With today’s fast-paced, non-stop schedules, it is hard to set aside the time that’s necessary to deep clean your space. One of the most practical ways to create a fresh slate and maintain a tidy home is to hire a professional cleaning service that can tackle all the nooks and crannies in just a few hours. From there, check out our Squeaky Clean Pinterest page for tips, tricks, and cleaning schedules that will help you to sustain the sparkle even when you’re strapped for time.


Get rid of clutter. When it comes to counter tops, coffee tables, and shelving, less is more. A myriad of knick-knacks generates distractions, and a clutter-free space creates an illusion of more space. Store personal items in drawers or closets, toss away outdated reading materials, and put away toys, kitchen appliances, and other belongings that detract from a simplistic and cohesive ambiance. Buyers should be able to visualize what the home will look like with their own belongings in it.




Clean Decor

Maximize light. Make sure all windows, doors, and mirrors are free of smudges and hand prints. Remove heavy drapery that impedes natural light. Replace old lightbulbs, especially the forgotten ones in closets, lamps, and kitchen appliances.

lightbulbs SimpleBeforeAfterKitchen

Easy repairs. A magic eraser, some wall patching putty, and a little elbow grease go a long way when it comes to fixing those minor flaws like wall scuffs, nail holes, and stubborn stains on your countertops and fixtures. Use a scratch repair pen to eliminate minor flaws in your hardwood floors, and be sure to address any visible stains in the carpet. Simple fixes can significantly improve the showing quality of your space.





Finishing touches. Be sure that DIY projects are completed. Failing to finish those minor details like caulking around fixtures and trim, replacing outlet/switch plate covers, removing paint splatters, and cleaning baseboards may seem like small blemishes, but culminate into a lot of work for potential buyers.




Following these 5 simple strategies will help home owners to maintain show-ready status for those last minute appointments. Making sure that your property is in optimum condition before listing will also improve your chances for a quick and seamless transaction.