5 Front Yard Fixes for Less than $50

Not only will curb appeal draw immediate interest from passing traffic, but home buyers usually generate a pretty strong opinion about a given property within the first six seconds of seeing it. If you have your home currently listed for sale on the market and you really want to optimize its potential, the following tips and tricks will have the front yard looking fantastic, without breaking the bank.

Landscaping filler. Regardless if you prefer the look of pine straw, gravel, mulch, or dirt, a fresh load of landscaping material can create a polished and professional appearance for your drab flower beds and tree bases.


A pop of color. A fresh coat of paint on your front door and window shutters is the perfect way to bring bold attention to your home. Snap a picture of your exterior space, and use one of the many free paint color apps available for iPhone and Android devices to play around with different color combinations.


Pressure washing. Depending on your budget, you can borrow one from a friend or hire a professional crew, but however you choose to get the job done, it’s mind-blowing just how much dirt and grime can accumulate on your home, porch, sidewalk, fence, and driveway etc. in just a few years. Just a little high powered H2O spray can instantly transform your dingy outdoor surfaces into sparkling, clean spaces that look brand new!


Clean edging. If you have sidewalks or flower beds, a clean, distinct edge between various surfaces can significantly transform the appearance of your outdoor space. Your local hardware store likely carries a plethora of different manufactured edging materials that range from plain, black plastic to intricate, molded bricks, but all of these accessories not only help to contain various landscaping materials in their proper place, but they create a clean and orderly appearance that drastically enhances curb appeal.


Warm and welcoming touches. Make your house feel like a home with those little details that exude hospitality and charm. A whimsical collection of potted flowers by the front door, hanging plants above the porch railing, a classic wreath, solar lights or candles lining the sidewalk, and comfy pillows arranged by simplistic outdoor seating are all easy and inexpensive ways to create a warm and welcoming ambiance as soon as buyers step out of their car.


Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in major home renovations, a little bit goes a long way when it comes to boosting the curb appeal of your property.